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Crafting Timelessly Authentic Spaces

Dreaming of a timeless home that mirrors your unique story and aspirations?

At Make My House Home, we understand the demands of your busy lifestyle and the need for functional, beautiful spaces that empower you.

Specializing in collaborating with design-conscious homeowners, navigating life transitions, we create bespoke design solutions that transcend trends. We tailor our services to your needs, ensuring your home authentically reflects your style and personality.

What sets us apart:

Bespoke Design: Tailored to your individual preferences for a truly personalized home.
Timeless Style: Crafting designs that remain relevant for years to come.
Seamless Experience: Handling every aspect of the design process, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Ready to transform your house into a home that tells your story? Contact Make My House Home today to schedule a consultation.

Rebecca Hadley, Founder

Rebecca Hadley, Founder

“Create a Home for YOU and nobody else”~RH

Crafting Timeless Homes: My Design Journey from Childhood Inspiration to Empowering Others

My passion for crafting timeless, personalized homes stems from the cherished memories of my childhood Victorian home. Overflowing with warmth and creativity, this home was more than just a space; it was a reflection of my parents and a testament to their unique story.

Surrounded by their ever-evolving design tapestry, I learned a profound truth: homes shouldn't be copies of trends, but authentic expressions of the individuals who inhabit them. This vibrant sanctuary provided the space for me to confidently express myself. It was within these walls that I truly understood the power of intentional design to empower and uplift.

This transformative experience ignited a spark within me, eventually leading to the creation of Make My House Home. Our mission is to empower busy, design-conscious individuals navigating life transitions to craft timeless homes that embody their authentic selves.

I understand the needs of discerning individuals like you. You value quality, appreciate thoughtful curation, and desire a home that reflects your unique story and vision. Juggling a demanding career, a vibrant social circle, and a fulfilling personal life makes it hard to do yourself. I am here to make that happen.

At Make My House Home, we believe your home should be an extension of you, a space that whispers your narrative in every corner. We partner with you to elevate your vision, taking your good ideas and turning them into truly extraordinary spaces for relaxation, connection, and memory-making.

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